About Us

Our founders have been in the diamond industry for over 30 years. They know the ins and outs of this market like the back of their hands. Originally working with natural diamonds they worked hard and established themselves in US Diamond market. Lab Grown diamonds weren’t known back then, not until a few years ago when murmurs of this new product began travelling up and down the diamond district. 7 years ago these rumors first hit the ears of Pankaj, marking the start of their journey..

It was in January 2016 when Pankaj made his first ever sale of lab grown diamonds. Immediately, Pankaj began importing LG Diamonds from India and established procurement set up in Surat, India. Later on, he expanded into cutting and polishing of LG Diamonds. In 2017, Pankaj joined hands with Raj and together they made LG Diamond Business grow multifolds and established a new product category in the diamond/jewelry market. Unfortunately, in February 2021 Raj got COVID infection and passed away.

Forming an exclusively lab grown diamonds company was indeed an extraordinary and risky idea. Initially not many were willing to accept lab Grown stones. However, Pankaj & Raj were determined to share what they had learned and their vision for it to others. Under their partnership in October 2017 they quickly established Lab Grown Diamonds Inc.

They saw a future with lab grown diamonds knowing that this is a product of technology; this is the product of the next product for the next generation. So who better to join and support their crusade to the next generation, their children. In 2019, VISHWA, daughter of Pankaj joined the business and took over as a Sales Manager. She contributed tremendously to the growth of business.

When the company was still small and growing Pankaj's daughter joined becoming a beacon carrying forth our motto that Lab Grown Diamonds is here Now & Forever.

A year later our company run by ‘father and daughter’ moved from its small office to the booth at 37 West Exchange in the center of the Diamond District of NY. Through hard work, we were able to reach out to many and in 2019 expanded our office booth space by nearly 50% with more staff and a larger inventory. In 2020, we further expanded by taking a office in the same building on 8th floor. That enabled us to increase our ability to serve our customers by over 200%. We also expanded our inventory to include all fancy shape Lab Diamonds in addition to Round Lab Diamonds.

In our growth, our goal has always remained constant; we at Lab Grown Diamonds USA LLC. are here to provide and help our customers in any way we can. Our first and foremost responsibility is to our customers and we pride ourselves on our friendly service. So if you have any questions and want to get know us better then please give us a call, drop by, shoot us an email, or stalk us on our Facebook and Instagram.

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