When it comes to your engagement ring, you want something perfect and affordable. But you also don’t want to spend a fortune on a single piece of jewelry. That’s when the lab-grown diamond ring comes in! Lab-created diamonds are meticulously created, man-made diamonds that are devised under the same condition as a natural diamond. This means both natural & lab-grown diamonds are a byproduct of the same elements. However, the technique with which both diamonds are created differs to a great extent.

The difference in the approach for creating lab-grown diamonds is what makes them an ideal choice for engagement rings, as they are both readily available and affordable.

Read on for more information about these diamonds, their benefits, why you should wear one, and how to get the best for your budget.


Lighter On Your Pocket:

Synthetic diamonds have the same makeup as natural diamonds, and therefore you get the goodness of natural diamonds at a much lower price with lab-grown diamonds.

Moreover, the cost of enhancing the carat, cut, clarity, and personalizing lab-grown diamonds in NYC and around the world is quite reasonable, and therefore you would not struggle to pay through your nose for your engagement ring.


Conflict Free To The Core:

Natural diamonds are indeed fascinating, but not necessarily ethically mined. Natural diamonds are every so often referred to as blood diamonds, given the number of conflicts and uprisings they have fueled in the past in Africa, where most of the natural diamond mines are situated today.

Furthermore, there are a bazillion ethical issues surrounding natural diamonds as unequal pay, inhuman labor practices, and breaches of human rights. All of these have a significant impact on the history of the diamond that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. Thus, lab-grown diamonds are a great alternative to put a halt to all the major ethical & humanitarian issues surrounding natural diamonds.

Apart from the non-ethical liabilities, the production process for natural diamonds is quite lengthy. For this reason, it is hard to confirm the exact origin of the diamond you are about to purchase. On the other hand, when you buy a lab-grown diamond, you know exactly where it came from.


As Real As Natural Diamonds:

You can hardly tell a lab-grown diamond apart from a natural diamond. Since lab-grown diamonds are composed of pristine crystalline carbon in the isometric cubic structure, they have the same chemical, physical and optical properties as natural diamonds.

Furthermore, lab-grown diamonds are subjected to the same parameters as natural diamonds are in nature when they are composed in an enclosed laboratory. Which means they are the closest alternatives you will find to a mined diamond.

If you opt for lab-grown diamonds in the USA, you will find how superior they are to other diamond substitutes like cubic zirconia, which are extremely sparkly but costs way less.

When you choose a lab-grown diamond for your engagement ring, you can rest assured that it will come with an impeccable shelf life and brilliance that is hard to distinguish from that of natural diamonds.


Unique & Stylish:

Lab-grown diamonds are unique and stylish on various levels. Where natural diamonds are getting scarce by the day, you can easily acquire a lab-grown diamond in any shape or size. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds can be effectively used in a cornucopia of settings to ensure that you never run out of options when planning your dream engagement ring.

Colored lab-grown diamonds are the newly introduced trend in the market, which is yet another cherry on the cake when dealing with lab-grown diamonds. The ease of accessibility and the radical prices makes it easy for couples to budget down their rings and still get the best ones.


The Diamond Of The New Age:

Individuals today are drawn toward conscious choices, and when they see that lab-grown diamonds are as incredible as natural diamonds, they automatically opt for the former.

Lab-grown diamonds are ethical without any conflicts, and they work as a magnet for the young generation. Moreover, the price of these diamonds is yet another reason that more and more young couples are opting for these diamonds today.

The production cost of lab-created diamonds is approximately 40% less than that of a mined diamond. Therefore, they are not only a conscious choice for the young generation but for the older generation as well. The immense cost-cutting and the thought that goes behind every lab-grown diamond in the USA is a blazing example of how these diamonds can alter the future of the diamond industry in the years to come.

If you want to, take one step closer to making more conscious choices and getting your engagement ring on a budget. We at Lab Grown Diamonds USA LLC have a huge inventory of diamonds, waiting to be explored. In all shapes, sizes, and cuts, you can imagine, we can take you closer to building an engagement ring that you both will love and cherish forever.