Diamonds have always been a hit with us humans. First, the natural diamonds and now their lab-created counterparts have taken the world by Storm. While you are looking for that one perfect diamond, we have got them in pairs to make sure your jewelry pieces stand out. Let's delve into the different matching pairs of lab-created diamonds at Lab Grown Diamonds USA LLC. making.


Rabbit Pair


Rabbit Diamonds:

What's the connection between diamonds and bunnies? More than you'd guess! Rabbit diamonds are all about adorable designs that bring a sense of playfulness. With outlines resembling bunny ears, these pairs will add a fun element to your jewelry pieces while keeping them charming.


Butterfly Diamonds


Butterfly Diamonds:

These pairs celebrate grace and transformation, capturing the beauty of a butterfly mid-flight. Delicate and dreamy, butterfly diamonds symbolize the fleeting beauty of life and the promise of change. With wings that seem to flutter with your every move, they're the go-to for those who believe in evolving styles.


Angel Diamonds


Angel Diamonds:

With a symmetry that echoes angel wings, these pairs bring an ethereal beauty to your ensemble. Whether as earrings or a pendant, they are synonymous with elegance and grace.


Briolette Diamonds


Briolette Diamonds:

There's something hypnotic about the way light plays with briolette lab-grown diamonds. Shaped like teardrops, they capture and reflect light in a unique way. Briolette diamond pairs, when swinging from your ears, create a stunning cascade of sparkle and sophistication. Versatile enough to rock from casual to glam, they're a must-have for anyone who appreciates brilliance in their earpieces and more.


Flower Diamonds


Flower Diamonds:

For a touch of timeless beauty, go for flower diamonds. These pairs mimic the delicate layers of a flower, adding a timeless and elegant look to your jewelry. Whether on a ring or pendant, flower diamonds are naturally graceful. Wear them, and you carry a piece of nature's perfection with you.


Lozenge Diamonds


Lozenge Diamonds:

If clean lines and modern aesthetics are your thing, lozenge diamonds are the way to go. Shaped like sleek rectangles with softened corners, they bring a bold and refined look to your jewelry pieces. Lozenge diamond pairs, whether in a ring or bracelet, make a statement that screams contemporary chic.


Carre Diamonds


Carre Diamonds:

Enter the world of refined geometry with Carre diamonds – square-shaped marvels adding modern elegance to fine jewelry. Clean lines and timeless appeal make Carre diamond pairs extraordinary beyond trends. Set them in a classic ring or a chic pendant; they make a bold statement, proving that, sometimes, simplicity is the key to everlasting beauty.


Calf's Head Diamonds


Calf's Head Diamonds:

If you're looking to add a vintage touch to your jewelry collection, calf's head diamonds are a great option. These diamonds are cut in a unique shape that resembles the profile of a calf's head, adding a touch of history and charm to any piece of jewelry. You can use pairs of calf's head diamonds to create beautiful necklaces or earrings that are both classic and interesting.


Star Diamonds


Star Diamonds:

Finally, don't forget to add an extra touch of sparkle to your jewelry collection with star diamonds. These pairs of diamonds create a stunning starburst pattern reminiscent of a twinkling night sky. With their bright and glittering shine, star diamonds symbolize infinite opportunities and endless possibilities. You can make your jewelry shine like the stars above with these beautiful lab-grown diamond pairs.

These special diamond pairs add a personal touch to your collection. From the playful rabbit diamonds to the sleek elegance of Carre diamonds, each category brings its own charm. Find the most exquisite diamonds in the USA that tell your unique story at Lab-Grown Diamond USA LLC . Don't settle for basic; let your diamonds shine and make your collection as special as you are. Explore our collection today to find your dream pair.