After spending two winters cooped up in your hole, it’s time to let yourself run free and go all out. RSVP yes to all the jamborees, and get-togethers. Let the holiday spirit consume you to make a comeback after the Covid era. You already have the outfits from all the lockdown shopping. Now you just need the right jewelry for the fiestas.

With the ever-changing trends, it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot on the runway and what’s last season. No stress. We have curated a list for you of some of the hot trends, blended with some jewelry pieces that are evergreen.


Statement Pendants-

Pendants that were once dainty and delicate, are now the statement of your ensemble. People are excited for this trend and are trying out all kinds of statement pendants. Diamonds, gold, colored gemstones, and even enamel. It brings a maximalist look to your persona and screams confidence. Lab grown diamonds in New York are a popular choice for this jewelry piece as a larger-carat lab-grown diamond would still be affordable for a statement pendant piece.


Choker Comeback-

If you have held onto your chokers from 2015, rejoice! At last, they are relevant again. Take them out, dust them off, and put them on display. The great choker revival has runways brandishing them in several styles- chunky, spiked, diamond-clad, paperclip, and Cuban link. However you like them, dainty or flashy, they’re all on-trend. Our preference is a thin diamond strip that makes for a great everyday jewelry piece.


Ice on the wrist-

Tennis bracelets started coming back in 2020 and are shining brighter than ever in 2022. And we are certain that they are here to stay. Since the 80s, tennis bracelets have been a potent symbol. They make a luxury statement with their diamond-clad glory. Bangle bracelets are another chic bracelet trend to hop on. They’re loved more when adorned with diamonds. Diamonds in USA have been in high demand for this jewelry piece.


Pearly sheen-

Pearls are moving up the trend chart as we move further into the Holidays. Pearls have that heirloom aesthetic to them that brings a graceful glamor to the look. Although different vintage styles resurge every year, pearls took their sweet time to be in vogue again. They will be on shelves for quite some time, and we’re here for it. Wearing them on the holidays would be like paying tribute to your grandmother.


Ethereal Birthstones-

One thing we adore is the rebirth of birthstones on the trend chart. People feel closer to this piece of jewelry for the personal touch it brings along. It makes for a thoughtful gift for the holidays. Rings and pendants are where they are suited the most. There are so many varieties of gemstones, you can pick one whose spiritual properties suit you the best. We love embellishing our LGD jewelry with colored precious stones.


Flower power-

Everything floral has always been associated with summer. The real thing may not survive the cold but we have floral jewelry blooming on the winter trend charts. This just might be groundbreaking. This cute and quirky jewelry trend has us left spoiled for choices. With the abundant nature, we have so many flowers to pick from for their shapes, colors, and significance. They are not only pretty and playful but meaningful and individualistic as well.


Hula with Hoops-

The foundation of any ear stack is a hoop. They dominated the runways this year’s fall/winter shows. Big or small, chunky or slim, good hoop earrings go with anything. You can add a star to your PJs with the right hoops. This season’s hoops range from dainty and classic to massive and polygonal. Our personal favorite is hoops decked with lab created diamonds. They satisfy the maximalist and the minimalist style preference.


Stack sleeve-

Bracelet stacks have been going around all year and they’re no exception to the winter trends. Cuban chain bracelets are a loved bracelet piece to stack with other dainty ones. They pair well with any bracelet and watch and take over the minimal look harmoniously. As this year is all about chunky jewelry, cuff bracelets are gaining popularity on the runway as well. Gold, silver, or motif cuffs, experiment with them all you want. Let your inner boho run amok.

Lab Grown Diamonds USA LLC is your go-to place for lab-grown diamonds. If you’re looking to get diamond adorned jewelry customized for the holiday ensembles, eco diamonds would be the ideal choice.