Lab-grown diamonds have taken the world by storm. If not all then many young couples vouch for lab-grown diamonds when it comes to choosing their engagement rings or bridal jewelry.

Where most of the brides know what kind of adornments they need for their wedding, some simply struggle with finding the right kind of jewelry. Lab-grown diamonds simply bridge that gap by availing diamonds that are as durable and perfect as natural diamonds but not heavy on your pocket.

Buying a diamond can get tedious very fast but we don’t want diamond buying to feel like a task and that is why here we have compiled an overview of everything you need to know about lab-grown diamonds:


How Real Are These Diamonds?

If anything can imitate nature diamonds for you it can only be a diamond that is made in a lab. Lab-created diamonds are curated using the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. To make sure that you don’t have to give up on your diamond dreams, lab-grown diamonds come in perfectly handy when you are unable to find the natural diamond that you need under a budget.


How One Defines A Lab-Grown Diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds can simply be defined as diamonds that are grown in a lab. Lab-made diamonds are produced in a lab that imitates the same condition and atmosphere that exist within the earth’s crust. To ensure that the diamond that comes out of the lab is as refined as the one that is mined from the earth, eco diamonds are made with incredible precision- and the precision gives out the scintillation, sparkle, and appeal that is mind-blowingly close to natural diamonds.


How Are They Grown In A Lab?

Natural and lab-grown diamonds both are products of carbon atoms that are exposed to extremely high temperatures. Even when there are multiple ways a lab-grown diamond can be created CVD( Chemical Vapor Deposition) is one of the most trusted processes among synthetic diamond creators. High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) is yet another process that is often used to bring these eco-friendly diamonds to life.


How Identical Is A Lab-Grown Diamond To A Mined-Diamonds?

The nitty-gritty of things is that lab-grown diamonds are strikingly similar to natural diamonds in terms of their chemical and optical properties. The only fact that sets the two apart is their place of origin, otherwise, there is not much to differentiate. Even expert gemologists cannot tell a lab-grown diamond apart from a natural diamond with the naked eye.

Moreover, unlike any natural diamond, there are lab-created diamonds that are not created or cut perfectly from the very beginning. This lab diamond is sent through a selection process to identify the most optimal diamonds for your lab-grown pendants , engagement rings, necklaces, and more. The bottom line is that whether you choose a lab diamond or a natural diamond both will have indistinguishable magic to add to your jewelry.


The Benefits Of Choosing A Lab Grown Diamonds:

Lab-grown and natural diamonds are both magnificent when it comes to jewelry but there are a few benefits of lab-grown diamond jewelry that are non-debatable. The price is one of the biggest driving forces behind choosing a lab-grown diamond over a mined one. A lab-grown diamond allows more people to embrace the sparkle and radiance of a diamond, which is often snatched from people that are unable to afford overly-priced natural diamonds.

Along with the price they also offer an identical visual appeal that promises the same luxury and brilliance that any natural diamond would. Moreover, lab-grown diamonds will give you leeway to choose any design rather than trying to settle for one that complements your budget.


What Should You Go For? Lab Grown Or Natural Diamonds?

We believe it is important that whatever you choose, it offers you a sense of satisfaction. Whether a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond, whichever side you lean on, the only important thing is that it should be able to blend with your idea of perfect.

Both natural and lab-grown diamond appeal to a different set of consumers. This implies that both are excellent choices for different reasons, but both options are indistinguishable in terms of brilliance, beauty, and feel. The bottom line is that a diamond is a diamond, and you can choose whichever pleases you the most.

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