Lab-grown diamonds have taken the world by storm. They have been quite the word in vogue since they entered the market through more advanced technologies. And why not? Lab-created diamonds are made by simulating the same conditions under which natural diamonds form at the depths of the Earth’s mantle, that is, under extreme pressure of 45kbar and 900°C to 1300°C of heat. Because of this, the synthetically created gemstone is identical to their natural counterparts concerning their physical, chemical, and optical properties. Thus, you get the same sparkle and blink at a far more affordable cost, and that too without making Mother Earth pay the price through rigorous mining. So yes, lab-grown diamonds do deserve their fair share of fame. From Rihanna, and Emma Watson donning stunning pieces on the red carpet to Penelope Cruz, Nikki Reed, and Leonardo DiCaprio investing and advocating unequivocally in the cultured diamond industry, the man-made gemstone has become the flagbearer of sustainable fashion for several celebrities. If you are also looking forward to getting your hands on these eco-friendly gemstones, then we have curated some of the most sought-after celebrity pieces for you to get inspiration for your next jewel hop shop!


Penelope Cruz’s


1.Penelope Cruz’s stunning tear-drop lab grown diamond earrings

At the 2018, Cannes Festival Penelope Cruz made fans jaw drop with her ethereal look donned with a classic diamond tear-drop earring. The white pear-shaped diamond at the heart of the earring has the power to accentuate any look from party wear to glam in the blink of an eye!




2.Megan Markle’s elegant lab-grown diamond ear-cuffs

When it comes to making classy and conscious fashion statements, the Duchess of Sussex is a force to be reckoned with. In January 2019 Megan Markel attended an event in London and accessorized her outfit with a pair of man-made diamond ear cuffs. Since then this clean and classy design has been drawn as an inspiration for jewelers in their collections that complement formal wear, very well.




3.Billy Porter’s iconic lab-created diamond necklace.

Fashion icon Billy Porter firmly believes, the more, the merrier. And he emphasized it right with his opening number of the 2020 Academy Awards wearing a fabulous 64.5ct Supernova necklace set with 500 lab-grown diamonds. A look hard to pull off but surely not to miss, this design is the definition of all things bright and all things diamonds




4.Bindi Irwin’s regal lab grown diamond engagement ring

Daughter of the world-renowned Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, Bindi Irwin is a committed conservationist. Hence when she announced her engagement, it came as no surprise that she chose to go for a man-made diamond rather than a mined one. The sleek synthetic scattered diamond on a twisted band is a reflection of finding beauty in the little details of life. Hence, if your partner likes to cherish intricacy in simplistic and thoughtfully created designs, Bravo! You found the perfect inspiration for your lab grown diamond engagement ring.




5.Lady Gaga’s dramatic cluster of ethically sourced diamond earrings

Lab grown diamonds go flawlessly well with pearls and we are sure about it seeing Lady Gaga’s pair of ethically sourced cluster earrings that she wore for the London premiere of her movie “A Star is Born”. Dare to turn on the old Hollywood glamour? Style this constellation of pearl earrings, a symphony of freshwater pearls, and brilliantly cut lab grown diamonds.




6.Emma Watson’s brilliantly brazen, sustainably sourced bracelets

The Harry Potter star has been an unequivocal advocate of sustainability for a long period. At the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, she turned this thought into a timeless fashion statement with her responsibly sourced diamond bracelet. The sleek beauty that adorned her attire is an example of how you can elevate your simple look with a dash of sophistication and a dash of lab-created diamonds.




7.Zoe Kravitz’s extravagant eco-friendly diamond chandelier earrings

When invited on the Met Gala red carpet, it goes unsaid that you must meet the theme with utmost finesse. While many celebrities and designers try to give a fresh perspective to jewel assortments, one look that never goes wrong is a well-adorned black dress with sparkling diamonds, especially if they are responsibly cultivated. In the 2019 Met Gala, the theme was “camp” which means an aesthetic that is all about exaggeration, theatricality, and extravagance. It took a while for everyone to wrap their head around this new fashion concept, but not Zoe Kravitz. The actor ate the theme and left no crumbs when she wore a pair of chandelier earrings in exquisite feathered design accented by pearls and lab-grown diamonds, that elevated her thematic black dress flawlessly. Since then the design has been an inspiration for many who like to go all out with dramatic, extravagant, bold, and chunky lab created diamond jewelry to add to their fashion statement.




8.Rihanna’s bold and chic lab grown diamond ring

Somebody helming a fashion line, Rihanna sure does not fail to surprise with her fashion game. On her 30th birthday bash, the Fenti founder adorned her dress with a dazzling diamond set consisting of a necklace, bracelets, and a chic ring. What caught the paparazzi’s eye was the stunning ring that had a surreal amalgamation of rubies, pink sapphires, 18-carat yellow and white vermeil, and 16-carat lab-created diamonds. That is a design you must style for the most pompous occasions!




9.Jennifer Hudson’s envious lab grown diamond ensemble

Jennifer Hudson, the sensational singer and actress, isn't just rocking the red carpet; she's rewriting diamond glamour. It seems that Lab-grown diamonds are her sparkle of choice as she has adorned a complete lab-grown diamond ensemble several times and we find it ravishing each time. At the 2018 Brit Awards, the actress wore a 5-carat stunner with 369 lab gems stole hearts encircled by a symphony of shimmering gems. As if that weren't enough, there's a freshwater pearl nestled just so, like a dainty dewdrop on a petal of pure elegance. Fast forward to The Voice UK, she again made lab-grown diamonds a blazing trend by wearing a 6-carat dark red ruby on an 18k white gold cocktail ring that took the spotlight instantly. If you are someone who loves to play with the fury of red, the passion of rubies, and the boldness of lab-grown diamonds, this design is definitely for you! Be it making a glamorous and bold statement to adding a chic, sophisticated, and classic look, these celebrity-inspired designs will enrapture the onlookers wherever you go. And not just these but you can browse through the exquisite inventory of lab-grown diamonds in NYC at Lab Grown Diamond USA LLC, where you will find diamonds cut, crafted, and created as unique as you.